How To Avoid Exercise Injuries

Injuries from exercising and fitness related activities are extremely common. The problem with these injuries, is that they can result in long-term damage that can prevent you from taking part in certain exercises. However, there are ways to prevent these injuries from occurring.


Exercising without a warmup, means that your muscles are ‘cold’. When muscles are like this, they are prone to injury. A warmup as little as 5 minutes is sufficient enough to prepare your muscles for a workout. By stretching and doing low impact movements, your body is getting ready to move.

Realistic Workouts

You cannot bank your exercise. If you worked out consistently for 6 months last year, it does not in any way mean you are ready to jump into a high intensity workout today. Be realistic about your fitness ability to prevent your body from being pushed too far into an injury. Start off slower and over time you will find yourself becoming fit enough to increase the intensity.


Working the same muscles everyday will result in strain and injury. Changing up your exercise routine to target your body all over, will ensure muscles are being worked, but also rested when not in use. It is important to rotate your exercises and give each muscle time to cool down.


It is easy to fall into the habit of poor form when exercising. Poor form and technique leads to injury and can result in your body moving in ways it is not supposed to. Take the time to watch Youtube videos or consult personal trainers and professionals to ensure you are learning the correct exercise forms.

Final Words

Injury should not be a part of your exercise routine. It is more than realistic to work out intensively without injury, but only if done correctly. Take the time to put these steps into practice and implement them into your routine to form habit.