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Asphalt is a versatile weather and chemical-resistant binding material. It binds crushed stone and gravel (commonly called aggregate) into firm, tough surfaces for roads, streets, airport run-ways and more. As roadway and bridge projects grow in importance, asphalt suppliers and producers are finding more ways to capitalise on this growth. One way is to ship large quantities by rail, which is a more fuel-efficient way to move freight than trucks.

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Roadlay is an innovative company supplying stone and asphalt products to major construction projects across Glasgow and the central belt of Scotland. They produce both virgin and recycled aggregate, asphalt and brownfield fill.

In the asphalt business, Roadlay produce a variety of high-friction aggregates that make roads and other surfaces more slip resistant. These are typically used in the production of asphalt that is then applied to roads and bridges.

They are also expanding their operations by digging a large pit and building a conveyor system to transport crushed stone from the new excavation area to an existing mine.

The most interesting aspect of this project is that it combines a rock quarry with an asphalt plant in one site, with the goal of reducing transportation costs and environmental impacts by keeping materials closer to home. To that end, Thalle has made a number of improvements to their facilities, including installing a slurry seal for the new mine. They have also installed a computer-controlled dewatering system that minimises the amount of water that enters the mine.

Union Quarries

Union Quarries is a Carlisle, Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of crushed stone, asphalt and ready-mix concrete. They serve regional contractors engaged in building construction, paving and road construction projects.

They have a strong reputation for providing high-quality products, which are shipped on time and delivered with speed and efficiency. Their experienced team is available to provide you with the best products and services to help keep your construction project on track and on schedule.

The company also provides a wide variety of aggregate materials. Their limestone quarry produces a wide range of aggregate sizes, textures and types.

Their asphalt plant produces hot mix asphalt. They also offer a number of other products including concrete, blacktop, and road paving.

Founded in 1961, the company is a family-run business that provides reliable crushed stone, asphalt and concrete to the Central Pennsylvania market. Their customers include contractors, project managers and estimators who require high-quality materials for their construction projects.

The company’s headquarters is in Carlisle, Pennsylvania and delivers to the Harrisburg area. Their customer base is made up of local and regional contractors engaged in building construction, paving, road construction and related infrastructure projects.